Private Practice Workbook & Checklist

Therapist Start Up Guide for Private Practice, Free Download -

Free Workbook Download

A practical, easy-to-use guide for therapists who want to start their own private practice.

Doctor Lavonne walks you through each step of the process and provides personal insights to how she started her own private practice.

Although you will do the legwork, Doctor Lavonne will help organize the 14 steps it will take you to launch a solo practice in this 37-page workbook.

We will email you the ebook immediately after you fill out the request form.

Personal, one-on-one consultation is also available! If you want to talk through the process, generate ideas and gain encouragement through the process, Doctor Lavonne is here for you! It’s easy to schedule an appointment.

Therapist Private Practice Start Up Checklist, Free Download -

Free Checklist Download

A simple checklist for therapists who want to start their own private practice.

Learn the steps to start your own private therapy practice, from set-up to sustainability!

Doctor Lavonne makes it easy to get organized and get working on building your future, and your freedom.

Fill out the form on this page and you can download the FREE guide immediately. We’ll send you an email so you have it for your records.

This easy checklist outlines each step in the process to give you the basics you need to get started today. There are even 4 steps you can do before you leave your current job!

*The checklist is included in the full workbook above – no need to download it twice!

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