Doctor Lavonne’s

Insights for Therapists

Doctor Lavonne’s

Insights for Therapists

Consultation & Risk Management

Happy 2023 Dear Therapists!

As we start the new year full of hope for success in our practices, I want to share some insight on one of the many reasons that consultation is important to your career.

I recently completed an 8 CEU course through my liability insurance company on risk management. They talked about how to reduce the risk of licensing complaints for therapists.

Their approach was an analogy of a “three-legged stool of ethical practice” from a risk management perspective. The three most important parts are:

When you commit to ongoing clinical consultation, you gain fresh ideas on your therapeutic technique as well as an awareness of how you are functioning within the therapist-client relationship.

Consultation with colleagues, or a professional consultant is proven to correlate with fewer licensing complaints for therapists

As a bonus, Michigan recognizes the importance of consultation and allows psychologists to earn up to 10 CEU’s for peer group consultation and an additional 10 CEU’s for voluntary consultation with a psychologist.

Although social workers don’t have a similar option for CEU completion, consultation is still an excellent way to run a sustainable practice.

I have loved working with therapists who want to delve deeply into their work as a therapist, either from a business practice standpoint, or gaining personal knowledge that helps in their relationships with their clients.

If this type of clinical consultation appeals to you, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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