Doctor Lavonne’s

Insights for Therapists

Doctor Lavonne’s

Insights for Therapists

Are You a Therapist Looking for Support?

During COVID therapists are particularly susceptible to loneliness and burn out.

Some of us had to cancel much needed travel plans, some of us have not taken the breaks we are used to, others of us who are seeing clients via Telehealth have less collegial support than we are accustomed to.

Year by year I’ve added more therapists to my caseload. Some seek traditional therapy; while others are looking for therapeutic consultation.

Like therapy, consultation touches on personal reactions, perspectives, family of origin issues, and belief about self; however, consultation focuses on how clients touch on these personal experiences. Since consultation is a business expense, it is tax deductible.

In Michigan, psychologists are now required to have 30 CEU’s every 2 years. 10 of those hours can earned by “receiving individual supervision from a licensed psychologist beyond the hours of supervision required.”

Whether you, as a therapist, are looking for therapy yourself, consultation, or CEU credit, you can contact me for the support you need!

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