Doctor Lavonne’s

Insights for Therapists

Doctor Lavonne’s

Insights for Therapists

Is Now the Time to Transition to an EHR (Electronic Health Record)?

When the shelter in place order was established in Michigan in the middle of March 2020, therapists had to quickly adapt to seeing their clients through a Telehealth platform. I was fortunate because I had been using a Telehealth Platform embedded in my EHR (Electronic Health Record) for over a year.

I was further fortunate because I had just taken a month-long trip in January of 2020 and saw many of my clients through a Telehealth platform.

So, me and my clients were prepared.

Many of my colleagues quickly adapted to online platforms including Doxy and Zoom. However, those platforms only provide the ability for video sessions.

My EHR handles scheduling, billing, all my paperwork AND my Telehealth platform.

If you think it’s time for you to switch over to an EHR feel free to contact me. This past year I’ve helped half a dozen therapists switch to an EHR for all their services.

My preferred EHR is Simple Practice a combined platform for all therapy needs.

Some therapists get intimidated with navigating the learning process to adopt an EHR system.

If you are one of those therapists, I’m here to help.

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