Doctor Lavonne’s

Insights for Therapists

Doctor Lavonne’s

Insights for Therapists

Is Now the Time to Transition Into Private Therapy Practice?

The experience of Covid has directly influenced the way therapist’s practice. Practicing through Telehealth has opened up options for us that include being less reliant on physical space.

Here are FOUR questions directly related to the timing of leaving an agency and starting your own therapy practice.

1) Are most of my referrals coming from my clients as well as colleagues who trust and respect my work?

2) Can I find a physical space to rent/lease that would be lower in cost than the percentage split at my agency? (now more than ever therapists have the ability to rent space for part of the week and work part of the week from a home office – a hybrid model of practice which reduces rent costs and therefore overhead).

3) Can I arrange support from colleagues or a consultant to review cases and have ongoing support (especially if this was one of the factors you considered in joining an agency in the first place)?

4) Do I have the ability to learn a system for paperwork, billing, and scheduling? I would argue “YES.” This process may seem intimidating, but it IS NOT if you break it into small steps.

If you are ready to start your own private therapy practice, please check out my free checklist and/or a workbook to get started.

Or contact me and we can talk about options for me to help you with these steps.

Free Workbook

Are you ready to start your own private therapy practice? Download the Free Workbook and get a complete guide!

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